Books for Piano and Keyboard in a nutshell!

From the study for the beginner to the collection of romantic compositions and treasure chest for all who are looking for pieces for recital or just some nice tunes.

With "Heinz Erhardt mal klassisch" and the "MIA Songbook", the author completes her literary repertoire.

Piano - The Secret Japanese Method

is the new piano method by Chie Ishii which is highly praised in the specialist press. All the explanations are both in English and in German.

  • Well-tested teaching concept.
  • Master the fundamentals of successful piano playing.
  • Accompaniments to all exercise pieces as a free download.
  • Suitable for both lessons and self study.
  • The author is contactable in case of further questions.

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Basisbuch Klavier / Piano Method

Basisbuch Klavier with 101 pieces is for all who really want to learn to play the piano.

In this book you will see her innovative concept for learning to play the piano. Based on her rich experience as a concert pianist and as a piano teacher, she finished this unique method that employs the ensemble (duet) playing from the beginning throughout the book.

After the successful completion of this book, you will have a solid basic for further development as a pianist.

Highlights of the book:

  • All the accompaniments are on the CD (99 tracks)
  • Explanation of the important basics of music theory
  • Many pictures for important subjects such as: sitting posture, hand forms, finger technique
  • Many solo pieces and popular pieces
  • Introduction to the beginning of improvisation

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An die Tasten / Keyboard Method

An die Tasten is a new beginner method for keyboard.

With this method, Chie Ishii put the most important facts and techniques for Keyboard and electric piano in a nutshell!

"Keyboard Method" combines 2 instruments and explains the basics of both keyboard instruments precisely for the beginner with many pictures, nice drawings, many tips and practice pieces utilizing well known melodies.

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20 Kleine Konzertstücke / 20 Small Concert Pieces

is a real gold mine for everybody who is looking for nice pieces to perform at concerts or just to play for yourself that sound impressive at a moderate technical level.

This book is strongly recommended as a supplementary to the "Basisbuch Klavier" so that you can employ the technique and knowledge you have just learned in the method.

All pieces are on the CD. (20 tracks + 1 bonus track "I’ll think about You" of Chie Ishii).

  • Original Works of Bach and Beethoven (baroque and classical)
  • Arrangements of popular pieces (romantic and pop)
  • New compositions of Chie Ishii (romantic and pop)

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Christmas on Earth

comprises 20 popular and well known Christmas carols from all over the world for piano and keyboard.

The piano versions are newly arranged by Chie Ishii, which are excellent solo pieces for Christmas time.

The keyboard versions include chord symbols, fingerings as well as sound and rhythm suggestions.

Whether a pianist or a keyboard player, this Christmas book can help you to make the nicest time of the year even nicer.

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Ich denke an Dich / I’ll think about you

The compositions in this volume are:

  • I'll think about you
  • A Day with you
  • Father, Where are you?
  • In the Big City
  • A New Start

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Heinz Erhardt mal klassisch

is a sensational discovery and an absolute highlight.

20 as yet unpublished compositions of Heinz Erhardt were read and true to original reproduced as sheet music by Chie Ishii.

These compositions were found in the cellar of the family house by his son and for the first time in celebration of his 100th birthday as a sheet music collection published.

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MIA Songbook

12 Hits of MIA were transcribed from CDs by Chie Ishii.

The book includes the vocal lines with words, keyboard parts, chord symbols, guitar tabs, drum grooves and some bass lines.