Chie Ishii can teach you how to play the piano! Chie ishii has a lot of experience in teaching piano and she is also very enthusiastic about it.

In 1986 she was the director of the YAMAHA Music School in Fort Smith, Arkansas, U.S.A. Her special area was to teach children ages from 4 to 6.

Chie Ishii gives lessons to all ages from 4 years old and all levels. Adult beginners are also very welcome.

Chie Ishii has fun at sharing her own enjoyment of playing the piano with others.

For the beginner, she emphasizes on the basis of music, which is common to all styles of music and to all instruments. For the advanced students, Chie Ishii is very flexible and works with her students according to their needs and wish.

After the consultation, Chie Ishii will suggest an appropriate length of an each lesson for each of you individually. You can also decide yourself how regularly you would take the lessons.

For more information and about the fee, please contact Chie using the Contact form in the bottom-right of the page. She will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

For the instruction of beginners, Chie uses her own learning materials: the books "Basisbuch Klavier" and "20 Small Concert Pieces" which are listed under the Books section.