Program - "Berlin Affair"

"Berlin Affair" is the title of Chie's piano solo program. It is not an ordinary piano recital of classical music. It is an entertainment program of piano music which Chie presents with her very personal narration. This piano concert is not just for classical fans.

In her program "Berlin Affair", Chie plays many of the famous and the popular piano works of the great masters - especially those of Frédéric Chopin - and many of her very harmonious and melodious original compositions.

Chie's original compositions are, on average, 3.5 minutes long and include such titles as, "A Day with You", "For Mother", "Breakfast Together", "Longing", "Thinking of you", etc.

Chie's narration is very personal and free. She provides some anecdotes about the composers or the compositions that she plays, and she also tells you about her personal history and experiences.

You can choose the language in which Chie presents her program - English, German or Japanese.

Chie's stage costumes are modern, individual and original.

For the program "Berlin Affair", Chie Ishii needs a tuned grand piano (a digital grand piano is also acceptable) with an adjustable piano chair and a microphone for her narration.

Chie Ishii also plays for small audiences and gives private concerts.

The program "Berlin Affair" is very suitable as a show interlude for all kinds of events.

Program - "Heinz Erhardt once Classical" - Classic meets Humour

"Heinz Erhardt once classical" is a stage program featuring the classical piano works, poems and life story of the legendary German entertainer Heinz Erhardt.

Chie Ishii takes you through the program with her very personal narration. She tells you the life story of Heinz Erhardt and some private anecdotes in a very charming way. To each piece she recites a poem which matches the music and she also presents some sketches. It is a very entertaining variety show of the highest level for all music and theater fans. It is for both Heinz Erhardt fans and Erhardt newcomers an absolute highlight.

Heinz Erhardt's children had this to say about the program: "We, Heinz Erhardt’s children, had the good fortune to be at the concert, when Chie Ishii had her big night with her Heinz Erhardt Program in the Berlin Philharmonic. The program was superb! The standing ovation was the best evidence that this program is just great".

Several extracts from Chie's program "Heinz Erhardt once classical" are available on her YouTube channel. Here are two examples.